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Jira & GreenHopper: Things to try for Agile teams

Posted by Jai on October 10, 2012

This post shares findings and functionality related to jira and greenhopper which every agile team can try and explore further. The unique combination of Jira (the ticket tracking tool) and Greenhopper (backlog management tool) enables the team improve productivity and helps all in better status tracking in coordination.

Some of the things to try out for Agile team are,

Ranking: To prioritize the backlog accordingly. Rank you user stories with product owner in required priority basis. Use GH rank fields or your own custom fields to set the ranking for tasks or stories.

Flagging: To give visual effect in case SM/PO need to have a look at the board that something needs to be done. Set a task and story automatically flagged.

Link issues Hierarchy reports: To show linked Epic/Theme to story and to tasks and to associated feature/regression/production bugs use the hierarchy plugin and generate relevant reports for the same.

Context: Use GH to create separate context to be shared between different teams in same project. Same project, multiple team work well with different context.

Shared Filters: Share context and/or filters among team for uniform and common view of items.

Statistics based on custom fields : For agile if you use custom field for story estimates or business value, using GH you can generate statistics for custom fields also.

Component/Version Hierarchy: Use component/version hierarchy to managing backlog among multiple team or functionality for the project.

Release Management: Manage backlog Release using GH and generate release notes and reports using the tool.

Agile dashboard in project view: No need to go to the GH view as you can see the agile dashboard in the project view iteself using new jira gadgets.

Mandatory comments: Use workflow-extensions plugin to control mandatory comments in workflow transition for the issue. This is very handy in case of flagged issue or specification requirement phase level also.

Custom Task board: Based on team specific requirement for different workflow, you can generate your own custom task board with different transition status for the flow.

Card View: Summary/Card/List – Each configurable what to display on card in summary/card view. Each view is very useful for different purpose to see single card or list on the same dashboard.

Charts: Burndown/Burnup/Velocity/Custom Fields etc. charts are available based on issues.
In-line editing of fields: Allows team to edit each field in-line for productivity.

Time Tracking: aggregation of time, different icons like red in case task is underestimated. Very useful in case of tracking time and logging hours for management perspective.

Drag&Drop functionality: very helpful, useful for productivity. Move items from backlog to version/component/user in single/bulk way using drag and drop functionality.

Planning Board: Single place to view the entire backlog and plan sprints/iterations accordingly.

Legend: What color belong to which issue type, color indication to different issue types.

GH Project Preferences: Each project can have standard or custom settings for different things.

GH User preference: Each user can customize own dashboard view along with team view.

The tool is just a utility to help the team to focus on what they work to deliver. And the unique combination of Jira & Greenhopper is worth trying for Agile teams to deliver value to the team.


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