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People Management: I expected more, a motivational strategy?

Posted by Jai on October 29, 2012

A very common phrase used in the management, “I expected more” and I am sure everyone has heard or used the same at some point in their career. Some random thoughts here around the same, what exactly is the expectation management, is it the human psychology or management strategy or how to work together to come on common grounds.

Human Psychology

The perception, action and reaction of some task or statement is of-course very much up to the individual to grasp it. Different individual take it different way. Depending on your roles and responsibilities you handle it accordingly. Being in managerial position you think from end result perspective not thinking of minor details or complexities, you are more result oriented individual. From technical role perspective, you are more detailed oriented and try to perceive it from limited scope of technical boundaries.Being a sales or customer focusing individual you focus more from end user perspective, the added value to the end customer and not much about the internal complexities of the task or requirement/statement.

The interpretation and response is general human psychology and this is also limited to role and person it goes to.

Management Strategy

The job of management is not as easy as it seems in managing mismatch between different interpretations and responses.
No doubt that the managerial role itself is demanding to be result oriented. It is implicit to get the things done, keep track of things, do the risk calculations and adopt and plan accordingly.

Some people do use the phrase “I expected more” as a motivational strategy. You need people to push themselves to extra mile or do better next time.

Common Ground

One of the important part of the management is also people management. The strategy around managing people is complex than just own motivational strategy. How do we make sure that the expectations are driven well from top to bottom and vice versa. How do each level in organization make sure that the information or requirement is shared across with correct interpretation and not left out to individuals for their own perception.

Most of the cases, if it is not a motivational strategy, it is the communication gap which is the main reason of such mismatch and which trigger the expectations mis match.

At each level in the organization you need to have a common ground of information flow. Few common points around,

  • Better communication
  • Set expectations clear
  • Share expectatins earlier
  • Be more precise
  • Better tracking and clarity
  • Open for suggestions on each side
  • Open feedback

Most of the cases, the things flow well and these small things just hide out. But in some cases either it is taken as positive feedback or some people even ignore it. If not, try to find a common ground and work on settings the expectations correct. It is very simple to work it out and not as complex as it sounds.


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