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Tips&Tricks: How to monitor and log soap messages

Posted by Jai on October 30, 2012

A quick tip to monitor and log soap messages. Most of the monitoring tools are kind of middle man to monitor the request-response between client and server. Now you can log the traffic to file and see how data is passing around.

Set the below system property,


If you are running your client from application server eg. tomcat, you can set it as CATALINA_OPTS param.


For Soap request/response example check, Monitoring SOAP Messages Made Easy With JAX-WS RI 2.0.1


2 Responses to “Tips&Tricks: How to monitor and log soap messages”

  1. sejnar said

    So which of the those two system properties that you mention do I have to use? From all I can see only the system property with ‘internal’ in it works … at least on more recent versions of JAX-WS RI. (the Metro Guide still happily only refers to the property name without the ‘internal’ part)

    • Jai said

      It depends on which version of jar you are currently using,

      For example, still the old package name with ‘internal’ is used.


      And indeed for latest versions, the package name is changed.

      Check your jar version/ java version and accordingly use the property name, I haven’t looked at from which it has been changed.

      Hope that helps.

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