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Archive for the ‘Database’ Category

Data Modeling approach for search content and tagging

Posted by Jai on March 13, 2013

For effective search solution, the process of converting the unstructured data into structured format is very important for a successful business. The process includes understanding the user requirements, analyzing the tons of unstructured data for different format and specific system properties and enhancement of the same over a period of time. In this article we will discuss further the data modelling part taking example of typical eCommerce platform, including business process and technical relational database format for the search content to tag in structured format.

eCommerce Platform for search:

A typical eCommerce site, eCommerce

Product catalog with unlimited categories & sub categories.
Featured product/hot product on the home page.
Product search facility.
Search Record display page having advance search option on the top, with the help of this user can refine his search.
Option to compare product on search listing page.
Product listing page with link to product detail page

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Java Application performance analysis and optimization using AppDynamics

Posted by Jai on December 11, 2012

The enterprise java application stack is growing bigger and bigger which makes it equally difficult to keep control on all the layers of the infrastructure to get maximum result out of it. One of the basic requirement of any web application is well performing, we will cover here an ideal enterprise java web application setup and see how to analyze and optimize the same using AppDynamics tool.

Java Enterprise web application N-tier set up

Take an example of below n-tier java web application interacting with complex middleware system, integrate with numerous external web api’s and equally powerful backend storage system.



The diagram covers quite common and complex enterprise application set up.

  • Web Servers (eg. Apache web server)
  • Application Servers (tomcat application server)
  • Mobile application server (tomcat application server)
  • Email Server
  • Web content management server (eg. Team Site, Alfresco)
  • Web application Administration server (tomcat application server)
  • File servers (Shared disk eg. NFS)
  • Real time/Messaging/Queue server (eg. ActiveMQ)
  • Data/File processing backend servers (tomcat application server)
  • Data storage/Database servers (eg. MySQL/Oracle)

Problem Context

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Tips&Tricks: Oracle Union all query order of records

Posted by Jai on October 25, 2012

The union all query allows to combine the result of multiple select queries. The tip is how it behaves differently in MySQL and Oracle . How you can control the order of records from each select query.

The expected ordering, the default behavior is the order of results,

  • The insert order of records
  • Results from first select first and so on

For mysql, it works well. The records are returned in expected order (may be we just got lucky 🙂 )

For oracle, there is no specific order of results, it is random (may be oracle doing extra internal optimization 🙂 ) .

To control the order of records returned – Union all ordering recording, check Example
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