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ActionScript/Flex/AIR Code Quality Measurement Tools

Posted by Jai on December 7, 2009

From a java developer perspective, you would love to have the similar code quality measurement tools for ActionScript/Flex/Air also but there is hardly any single comparable tool available for this. After a long search and analysis, this is what I have found and here we will have a look at what all these tools and different utilities offer.

In this post we will analyze what different code quality metrics on a general basis we would require for ActionScript/Flex/AIR and what are the different available tools to get such metrics.

Code Quality Metrics

We would like to have the metrics to display different information like:

  • Coding Styles: The metrics which tell us the different coding style violations inside the code.
  • Coding Standards: The metrics which tell us the different coding standards violations inside the code.
  • Project level: Total number of packages, interface, classes etc. , the dependencies between different packages and classes and their linking.
  • Class level: Total number of lines of code, number of functions, cyclomatic complexity, dependencies on other classes etc.
  • Function level: Total number of lines of code, cyclomatic complexity etc. and coverage tools stating if all the lines of code are fully tested on not.

(This is just on broader level, not covering all the metrics and information which similarly we have for java).

List of Available Tools

The available tools for AcrionScript/Flex/Air code quality measurement are: Read the rest of this entry »


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