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Posts Tagged ‘Cairngorm UM Extension’

Presentation: Enterprise Flex using Cairngorm

Posted by Jai on November 2, 2009

This post share the presentation “Enterprise Flex using Cairngorm” based on the different posts on flex shared here.

Posts: Flex Category

Presentation: Enterprise Flex using Cairngorm

Feel free to share feedback!!!


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Flex: Cairngorm View Notifications Strategies, Responders from Command to View

Posted by Jai on August 26, 2009

This post covers the different strategies you can use for view notifications during flex development using Cairngorm framework and the custom implementation of UM Cairngorm extension.

This is part of the series of posts:

Flex then, now & tomorrow – From a java developer’s perspective,

Flex: Cairngorm (MVC) , SpringActionscript (IOC) and other Cairngorm Extensions,

Flex: SpringActionscript (IOC) & SpringActionscript Cairngorm Extension Sample Code Examples

Flex Tips&Tricks

to cover different strategies in flex development using Cairngorm framework to solve different practical problems.

In this post we will see how to use presentation model for the view notification and the use of UM Cairngorm extension implementation for the view notifications. And how we can use Responders from command to view while using Cairngorm.

View Notifications using UM Cairngorm Extension strategy

The steps to implement view notification strategy:
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Flex: Cairngorm (MVC), SpringActionscript (IOC) and other Cairngorm Extensions

Posted by Jai on August 19, 2009

In this post I will cover brief about the flex Cairngorm framework , integration with SpringActionscript framework, SpringActionscript Cairngorm extension and other available cairngorm extensions and which may fit where in terms of specific tasks.

On a whole, agenda is:

  • Cairngorm framework – Flex MVC framework, available resources and how to get started.
  • SpringActionscript framework – IOC framework, how to get started and how it helps.
  • SpringActionscript Cairngorm extension – How it helps in following best practices and how to use it.
  • Cairngorm UM extension – UM extension for specific operations.


There are many Flex MVC frameworks available and why Cairngorm for me, please have a look at Flex now, then & tomorrow…

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