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Posts Tagged ‘M2M Platform’

IOT Platform: Typical Characteristics

Posted by Jai on June 29, 2016

There are common characteristics for iot platforms but it is indeed very difficult to benchmark iot platform solution as many of these try to solve fundamentally different problems. In this post we will cover some of the typical characteristics which such a solution should have.

IOT Platform Categorisation

IOT Platforms

IOT Platforms

There are lot of IOT platform providers now a days and numbers are growing every year. Each having some very common features and some having quite different features. On high level, we can categories these IOT platforms in different categories,

Connectivity / M2M platforms

To provide connectivity to connected devices with cloud.

IaaS backends

Infrastructure-as-a-service backends provide hosting space and processing power for applications and services.

Hardware-specific software platforms

Domain specific platform supporting only those connected devices.

Consumer/Enterprise software extensions

Existing enterprise software packages and operating systems allowing the integration of IoT devices.
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