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Connected & Autonomous Vehicle: Trip Analysis

Posted by Jai on January 25, 2017

In this post, we will explore to make sense of connected vehicle trip related data and how the vehicle driving information can further be used using data analytics techniques which can be useful for consumer and business also.

Trip Data

We have already have covered what kind of data can be available from connected vehicle in the previous post, IOT Data: Connected & Autonomous Vehicle, Making sense of data. Based on that data we take into account the vehicle driving information available to us.

The information in real scenarios can come from multiple sources. In case of connected and autonomous vehicle, it will come from vehicle itself. In case the vehicle is not connected to such devices, user phone information can be used to identify a trip movement information.

Vehicle Trip Definition

For the connected or autonomous vehicles, the data information we retrieve from the vehicle is the ignition on/off. Now we need to turn this information into meaningful business value trip information.

The functional start/stop information may not be directly mapped to a consumer or business ready definition of a trip. End consumer may switch on/off vehicle multiple times in a span of short period, you can stop your vehicle on a signal, you can also take a break in between your journey etc.

Vehicle trip is logical derivation on vehicle start/stop information. Taking into account the time between consecutive start/stop and small stops during the journey a trip is defined.

Vehicle Trip Analysis

Based on trip information, we will explore what all information can be driven with the data and how it can add business value.

The analysis can be categorised in different buckets,

  • Per consumer trip analysis : How each consumer is doing in terms of driving mileage and time for vehicle.
  • All consumers travel time analysis: What are the most frequent travel time for consumers
  • Total travel behaviour and movement information: How vehicle movement happens

Per Consumer Trip Analysis

In case of connected car solution, from end consumer perspective, lot of analytics information can be provided to the end consumer. Detailed analysis of driving distance/time information and effective travel time can be shared.

Daily Distance Travelled

Detailed analysis of daily distance travelled by a consumer,


As shown above, daily distance travelled by the consumer for a month. Based on the consumer mileage information, consumer can see average distance travelled and on what days vehicle is mostly driven.

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