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ElasticSearch: Learn Java API usage with test cases

Posted by Jai on January 31, 2014

Find ElasticSearch tutorial on github using Java API with test cases.


elasticsearch-tutorial repository uploaded on github explaining the ElasticSearch Java API usage with test cases.

URL: https://github.com/jaibeermalik/elasticsearch-tutorial


Following ElasticSearch concepts have been covered.

Part 1

Explains the ElasticSearch cluster settings and getting started with ES.

  • Index, DocumentType, Nodes, Shard/Replica,
  • Creating/retrieving/updating/deleting documents
  • Schema mapping, Fields, Filters, Analyzers
  • Index aliasing, creating/deleting alias

Part 2

This part will include searching/querying the data, different types of query.

  • Simple query, fields to search, fields to return data
  • Basic queries (match, boolean, query string etc.)
  • More like this, fuzzy query
  • Boosting query, custom score query etc.

Part 3

This part covers making the search better.

  • Influencing the score, Boosting the documents etc.
  • Using synonyms
  • Using Stopwords
  • Using word delimiters, protected words
  • Handling HTML content
  • Handling different language content
  • highlighting

Part 4

This part will cover common functionality of faceting, autocomplete, suggestions etc.

  • faceting on hierarchical data
  • auto complete/ suggestions

Part 5

This part includes handling nested objects

  • Creating parent/child mapping
  • Querying parent/child data

Hope this will help you to have hands on the ElasticSearch!


2 Responses to “ElasticSearch: Learn Java API usage with test cases”

  1. Thanks brother

  2. Sumit Arora said

    Dear Jai,

    I have downloaded your tutorial, and usual ran in via mvn command. I am new to ElasticSearch area, means I understand it well in theory but just started to work on implementation area.

    My questions :

    – May you please suggest how to understand your tutorial for the newBie,( As its straight forward tells testcase-1 to testcase-5 )?
    – What elastic-search related preRequsite require to understand elastic-search tutorial ?


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