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Archive for the ‘Fun’ Category

Anything funny.

Happy Anniversary: 5 years on WordPress!

Posted by Jai on November 22, 2012

Happy 5th anniversary on wordpress (2007-2012)! Today I got the notification that it is 5th anniversary for this wordpress blog since it was created.



Quite a long journey(Nov. 2007 – 2012) with lot of breaks in between 🙂 . Some statistics from site,

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People Management: I expected more, a motivational strategy?

Posted by Jai on October 29, 2012

A very common phrase used in the management, “I expected more” and I am sure everyone has heard or used the same at some point in their career. Some random thoughts here around the same, what exactly is the expectation management, is it the human psychology or management strategy or how to work together to come on common grounds.

Human Psychology

The perception, action and reaction of some task or statement is of-course very much up to the individual to grasp it. Different individual take it different way. Depending on your roles and responsibilities you handle it accordingly. Being in managerial position you think from end result perspective not thinking of minor details or complexities, you are more result oriented individual. From technical role perspective, you are more detailed oriented and try to perceive it from limited scope of technical boundaries.Being a sales or customer focusing individual you focus more from end user perspective, the added value to the end customer and not much about the internal complexities of the task or requirement/statement.
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Quitting A Job: To set free or just changing the priorities?

Posted by Jai on October 10, 2012

Just some random thoughts on quitting your current job. Is it really quitting the job or to set your self free from current responsibilities or is it just the change in the priorities.

Long time back one of my ex-colleagues wrote the post “Quitting the Job“, sharing some of his thoughts on the same.

Here we just gonna have another look at what exactly it is for most people: Read the rest of this entry »

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Jhakaas Idea: Bench Productivity-Time Graph (BPTG) and Bench-Productivity-Probability-Metrics (BPPM)

Posted by Jai on July 2, 2009

This post is Food for Thought for the people who have been through it or have been into handling or managing it. The idea is very interesting, Jhakaas (superb), that how different companies organize their bench strength in different way. Is there any way we can figure out the direct co-relation between the productivity of people over a period of time on bench? How long should you keep someone on bench for maximum productivity? Is there any mathematical equation where I can put my variable factors and the system can give me the probable time period to get the maximum productivity from people.

Different organizations have different ideas about bench also. Some directly relate it to the billability. Some main some good bench strength for business. Some can’t afford any bench. Some use it to explore new things, doing some research, exploring new business and technologies. Some ask people to stay home. Some even don’t provide computer system to work on. It all varies but lets say the variable factors take into account all these conditions in a way or other.


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Economic Climate and Performance Appraisal Game Theory

Posted by Jai on April 30, 2009

The topic itself is very controversial but I still had this in mind for a long time to write something on it and what is better time than the current market situation and one way or other nothing is hot than this.

IT Stud

IT Stud

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