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Archive for the ‘Tools’ Category

Gitorious: Ways to share your Git repository

Posted by Jai on October 28, 2013

We will cover the different ways you can share your remote git repository over internet. Gitorious is one of such solution allowing you to do same and we will cover how to get it up and running, configuring users, authentication mechanism, setting up ssh connection and setting up git repositories.

Git Repository

In the last post we covered to migrate svn repository to git repository , which means you already have your git repository set up done.

Share git repository

Check out the different possible ways to share your git repository,

  • File Share
  • SSH server git-shell
  • Apache http
  • Apache http + gitweb
  • github
  • gitorious
  • etc.

Choose the which suit best to your team requirements, company data policies, security requirements, user management, access control etc.
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Running grunt from your maven build

Posted by Jai on October 24, 2013

This post shares a quick tip on running grunt from your maven build. You would be able to generate resources using grunt and handle those in your war files.


Grunt  is javascript task runner. Have a look at grunt getting started  for further details.

Grunt Maven Integration

You can integrate grunt with maven using maven-antrun-plugin, as shared on github

Generate resource using grunt

To generate resource and to run grunt, you can use maven-antrun-plugin.
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Svn2Git: Migrating repository from Subversion to Git

Posted by Jai on October 23, 2013

Efficient enough Version Control System has always been a challenge based on your requirements of local, centralized or distributed version controlling. Git a distributed version controlling system helps us to achieve same painlessly and is already out for quite some time now with proven track record. In this post we will cover the steps to migrate from your existing version control system like SVN to Git.

Why Git

Some of the features of Git which makes it to standout,

  • Fixed the pitfalls and learning from SVN
  • Dramatic increase in operation speed (diff, merge, view history etc.)
  • Easy, Cheap and efficient branch operations
  • Full history tree available offline
  • Distributed, peer-to-peer model
  • Git’s repositories are much smaller than Subversions
  • Git branches carry their entire history
  • Git provides better auditing of branch and merge events
  • Git’s repository file formats are simple, so repair is easy and corruption is rare.
  • Backing up Subversion repositories centrally is potentially simpler – since you can choose to distributed folders within a repo in git
  • Git repository clones act as full repository backups
  • Walking through versions is simpler in Subversion because it uses sequential revision numbers (1,2,3,..); Git uses unpredictable SHA-1 hashes. Walking backwards in Git is easy using the “^” syntax, but there is no easy way to walk forward.

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Upgrading from Maven2 to Maven3

Posted by Jai on October 21, 2013

Nevertheless to mention that maven 3 is already out for quite some time but there are still some legacy systems using maven 2. In this post we will cover to upgrade to maven 3 for such legacy system, better late than never.

Maven 3 Features

See the maven 3 release notes for list of features.

Some of the important new features are,

  • Performance improvements
  • Parallel build of independent modules
  • Better dependency management

Maven 3 Installation

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Presentation: Agile Project Management with GreenHopper 6 Blueprints

Posted by Jai on October 2, 2013

An intuitive guide to efficiently track and manage projects in an agile way using GreenHopper for JIRA.

Available on Amazon.com

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