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Archive for the ‘Maven’ Category

Running grunt from your maven build

Posted by Jai on October 24, 2013

This post shares a quick tip on running grunt from your maven build. You would be able to generate resources using grunt and handle those in your war files.


Grunt  is javascript task runner. Have a look at grunt getting started  for further details.

Grunt Maven Integration

You can integrate grunt with maven using maven-antrun-plugin, as shared on github

Generate resource using grunt

To generate resource and to run grunt, you can use maven-antrun-plugin.
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Upgrading from Maven2 to Maven3

Posted by Jai on October 21, 2013

Nevertheless to mention that maven 3 is already out for quite some time but there are still some legacy systems using maven 2. In this post we will cover to upgrade to maven 3 for such legacy system, better late than never.

Maven 3 Features

See the maven 3 release notes for list of features.

Some of the important new features are,

  • Performance improvements
  • Parallel build of independent modules
  • Better dependency management

Maven 3 Installation

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Getting started with ElasticSearch

Posted by Jai on March 15, 2013

A quick introduction to ElasticSearch, an open source, ditributed and RESTful search engine based on lucene, and how easily you can start working with it.

Search Solution

As mentioned in the earlier post, Choosing the right search solution for your site, feel free to analyze a best suited search solution for your requirements. In below section, we will cover further some of  functionality and capabilities offered by ElasticSearch.


In brief, ElasticSearch is open source, distributed, Schema Less and RESTful search engine based on Lucene. Some of the typical functionality of ES are,

Distributed: aggregated results of search performed on multiple shards/indices

Schema Less: is document oriented. Supports JSON format, automatic mapping types is supported.

RESTful: supports REST interface

Faceted Search: support for navigational search functionality

Replication: supports index replication

Fail over: replication and distributed nature provides inbuilt fail over.

Near Real time: supports near real time updates

Versioning: allows to store different versions of document.

Percolation: allows to register queries against an index, returning matching queries for a doc.

Index Aliasing: allows to create alias for indices.

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