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A Brief History of mine @Pics

Idea is pictures do speak themselves 🙂 (half done, will update soon).

Something which I myself don’t remember much – Home – Kharawar/Rohtak – Cutie-pie Days

Trade Fair – School Days – Sonepat – Nov 1998

KGP Friends – College Days – IIT Kharagpur

KGP Sports – College Days – IIT Kharagpur

KGP FP – College Days – IIT Kharagpur

Epicriver Release Party – GlobalLogic – Noida – June 2006

Skindia – Xebia – Leh – Oct 2007

Prorail – Utrecht – NL – Dec 2007

Tom and Mary Poppendiek Visit – Xebia – Gurgaon – July 2008

Wicket XTR – Xebia – Gurgaon – 25th July 2008

Skindia – Xebia – Rishikesh – Sept 2008

Birthday Celebration – Xebia – Gurgaon – 2009

CSM – By Pete Deemer – Xebia – Gurgaon – Feb 2009

Plastic Omnium – Paris – FR – July 2009


7 Responses to “A Brief History of mine @Pics”

  1. Jyoti said

    Not very sure in “Wicket XTR – Xebia – Gurgaon – 25th July 2008”, the pic in your black shirt, in the centre.. if you are sleeping or awake.. 🙂

    Good one.. Nice way to recharge…

  2. Sunil said

    Good Moments! Wherez the Leh Ladakh pics ?? They are the best moment!!

  3. Jai said

    @Jyoti, nahi yaar seriously nahi soh raha hun :), vaise I am not much surprised if it looks like that because in the last few days of the training we guys were working till late night along with project work during office hours and after that few of us fall sick 😦

    @Sunil, It is still WIP (Work In Progress :)), soon will add that also. Yeah, those were definitely good moments.

  4. kiran said

    mast snaps hai
    lagta hai agile ka punter ho gaya hai

  5. Judgedredd said

    Abe ye purani pics mail kar agar hein to……Purani yaadein….hehe…..Jaise kal ki baat ho…good work.

  6. Rakesh said

    great pics buddy…. enjoying 🙂

  7. Amit said

    banaya toh acchha hai tune. bas, pics collage me acchhe se dikh nahi rahe. had there been an optiion to zoom them, toh mazaa aa jaata.

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